Pixie in the lightWith dog.


Queen Pixie 3-17-15…or until I get kicked off the furniture.

Pixie azelias boost

Deep in the neon forest

Pixie winkThere’s something in my eye. It’s you!

Pixie go for a walk

I need to walk.

Uygur PixieThis is me in a ceremonial hat from the Uygur region of China, right next to the Afghan border. Mostly Muslim there, like the hat.

Pixie on Persian runnerMy Persian runner, bumped.

Pixie basking in sunI like to bask in the warmth of the midday winter sun.

Pixie portrait with toy and chairI love the feel of silk and leather.

Pixie wants new toyI think it’s about time for a new toy, don’t you?

Ball and TongueTasty!

It’s hard to type with a 10-pound dog on your mouse…Templeton on computer mouse

And a 20-pound one on your lap.

Pixie next to keyboard

Pixie yawnI wake with a scream. Every morning.

Pixie head wedge

I love napping with my head wedged between my person and her chair arm.

Pixie Portrait2

Don’t I look dignified to you?

Take Me to Your FeederDon’t I look like an alien?

Mom, Ellen, Justine, Jane 021

Mom, Ellen, Justine, Jane 016

Pixie doesn’t love her costume.

Mom, Ellen, Justine, Jane 027Please, spare me my dignity.

Pixie in half shadowMy favorite game.

Waiting for Mom

I watch the car while Mom shops.

Pixie after bath

I love baths, mostly because I love being wrapped in hot towels fresh from the dryer afterward.

Pixie and Bridget3

Ready for their nap.

Ricky, or Mr. Turtle to youThe evil Ricky, or his equally evil wife Lucy, I’m not sure which.

Happy pup

Pixie mouthDo you think I need to see the dentist?

iPhone 8-8-11 143Nap time.

Pixie 1-29-11 055Can you see me in this photo? I’m curled up with my stuffed toys and baby blankey. I was about four months old in this picture.

Pixie 1-29-11 057I chewed up my little dogs training book when I was a puppy. What a miscreant I was! Bad puppy! LOL!

iPhone 8-8-11 088I am ever-vigilant for the evil red sliders that lurk beneath the surface.

Nuzzle me, MomWinter or summer, I like to snuggle under a blankey. This Navaho number is it for me.

Pixie scoutingI ride scout when we’re out.

May I have a treatI’ve been good.

Pixie 009

Pixie screen saverThe world is full of possibility if you are open to it.

Pixie driving

Let’s go riding in my car, car.

Ready for my closeup

Bark at turtles, chase pigeons, play ball, nap, go for a car ride, take a walk, sniff the shrubs, bark at the Fed Ex truck, beg for treats, hide under the blankets….there are just so many choices.

Twisted puppyWasn’t I an adorable little thing? Kind of a big head, but I grew into it.

Pixie for Rowan 007Watching for incoming pigeons.

iPhone 8-8-11 150I will catch the FedEx truck some day, and I will bite its tires. This I know.

Pixie One Year Old 013A sun lover, just like her person.

People need timeYou know.

Land sharkNot.

Pixie 1-29-11 054I love to cuddle with my cozies.

Pixie 1-29-11 032After a long day of playing, puppy Pixie is pooped out.

Pixie in begoniasIn my fairy tale garden

May 2011 015Pixie and her childhood BFF, Ruby

Ummm, Turtle FoodCan’t get enough of it.

Pixie nose ballHmmm…shall I play ball with it or chew it up and destroy it?

Pixie and BridgetWe have so much fun. And then we sleep.

May 2011 046Playing is such hard work.